"I was blessed. The conference input was good for my spiritual life."
"The subjects handled by the speakers were of help. Ministers need encouragement as well as caution in their service."
"An excellent conference! I enjoyed it very much and was encouraged by the messages of Steven Curry."
"It is an encouragement to be among others who face similar challenges in ministry and to share thoughts with them."
"I was especially encouraged to know that a great man like John doubted. However, there is a remedy to doubt for us in ministry as we learn from such examples from Scripture."
"I enjoyed the exposition of the Word which was the main reason for coming. Its subjects assisted me in my thinking as it was emphasized to me that its only Christ alone that has to be preached and there should be no compromise."
"An excellent conference. The teachings helped me to be on the lookout against false humility and pride (concealed)."
"The teachings challenged me and encouraged me to persevere in my ministry as pastor."
"The conference was a blessing. Pastoral work is hard work. We feel that we were refreshed."
"It was good, interactive and very helpful. It was of GREAT encouragement. It gave a fresh and renewed insight into the reality of ministry."